Tag Analyzer

The Tag Analyzer provides the ability to query and analyze data by using the ROLLUP function of Tag Table.


MWA must be available because it is called in MWA, and the table used is specified in the TAG table.
Among the settings defined in $MACHBASE_HOME/webadmin/flask/MWA.conf file, the items used by Tag Analyzer are as follows.



Default Value


If no rollup data is found, the data is searched for in the rollup a step below.


The maximum number of tags available in a chart



When you run MWA, click "Tag View" on the top left of the visible menu to run Tag Analyzer on the new tab (window).
If you are logged in to MWA, you can directly connect to the Tag Analyzer using the MWA URL/tagview (ex: or  MWA URL/tagview?id=dashboard_id (ex: 127.0.0 .0.1: 5001/tagview?id=board1) to display the corresponding Dashboard.

How to use

The Tag Analyzer consists of a Dashboard consisting of several charts. Each column of the Dashboard consists of one Chart.


In the top left corner, a menu for managing the Tag Analyzer is displayed.

Select Dashboard

Select the Dashboard that is displayed on the current screen among the saved Dashboards.

New Dashboard

Creates a new Dashboard.


Sets the environment of the Tag Analyzer.



Default Value

UI Thema

Sets the background color of the Dashboard. (machIoTchartBlack/machIoTchartWhite)

Home Dashboard

Selects the Dashboard to be selected when Tag Analyzer is called without specifying Dashboard.

없음.(New Dashboard)

None (New Dashboard)

Query Timeout

If there is no response within the time set in the Query call, a Timeout error is generated.


Manage Dashboard

Manages the saved Dashboard.


Retrieves Dashboard in a new tab (window)

Modifies Dashboard Title

Deletes Dashboard
Request Rollup

Executes the command " EXEC ROLLUP_FORCE ", which is a ROLLUP forced update command . This takes about 6 seconds.


Logs out of MWA.


Creating Chart

Each row in the Dashboard consists of a single chart  . You can create a chart by pressing the + button on the bottom panel.
Select the tags and aggregation method you want to use and select Chart type to create a chart. Click on the Tag in the Selected Tag list to deselect it.


The buttons related to Dashboard can be found in the upper right corner.




Save Dashboard

Saves the current Dashboard.

The Board ID is used in URLs when viewed. 
If you change the Board ID, a new Dashboard will be created if "Save as Copy" is checked, otherwise the Board ID will be changed.

Board ID can only contain alphanumeric characters and underscore (_)

Time Range

Sets the time range to be inquired and the refresh interval.

  • Time range: It is possible to specify relative time using time selection (input) or now. 
    (ex: now, now-5d, now-3M)
    The time specification based on now y (year), M (month), d (day), h (hour), m (minute), and s (second) is possible.
  • Refresh cycle: It is possible to input in h (hour), m (minute), s (second) unit.

If you set the time range or the refresh interval separately in Chart setting, it operates based on its own setting value regardless of Dashboard setting.


Refresh all

Refreshes all charts.

Share Dashboard

Retrieves the current Dashboard in a new tab (window) ( open as a URL for viewing)

Only available if saved


Charts are drawn with selected tags and aggregation method. You can see the time and series value by moving the mouse in the chart.
You can see the graph of the selected tag by clicking on the legend shown in the bottom part, and you can see all series again by clicking the same tag again.


If you select the part you want to enlarge in the chart by dragging it with the mouse, you can see the corresponding part in detail. In the lower part of the chart, the whole graph according to Time Range is displayed, and the portion drawn in the current chart is displayed. When the part displayed on the chart is enlarged, the ROLLUP data in seconds is displayed, and if the selected part becomes very small, a chart showing raw data is drawn.

In the case of Raw data chart, a button to move the time to the left and right of the Time Range displayed in the Chart Header is displayed and can be viewed while moving the Chart. Raw data charts are so small that they can not be moved using the viewport.

Auto Refresh does not work when in Zoom mode.

  • viewport: The part of the chart where the entire graph is displayed. Displayed only when zoomed in on a part of the chart (starting with Zoom mode is the default). Press [x] on the left side of the viewport to exit Zoom mode and close the viewport.
  • window: Displays the portion of the viewport currently drawn in the chart. You can move it by dragging with the mouse. You can enlarge or reduce the chart by changing the size by dragging the left and right ends.
  • viewport buttons: These buttons are used to move or manipulate the viewport.




Time Range

Sets the Time Range using the time and duration.

From & 6M

Cancels the Zoom operation. The right mouse button also performs the same function.

Currently, only available with previous Zoom.


Sets the Time Range to the minimum to maximum of all data.


Adjusts the Time Range so that the current window is centered in the viewport.


Adjust the Time Range so that the current window is centered at 20%.

- , +

Zooms in / out the window to the left (right).

Zoom out / Zoom in
<< , < , > , >>

Moves the window 100% (50%) left and right.

Chart buttons

The buttons on the upper right of the chart are as follows.


Preview ()

Only the corresponding chart is displayed in a new tab (window).

Edit options ()

Modifies the properties of the Chart. You can change the shape of the chart or add/modify tags.

Apply  after modifying

Refresh ()

Draws the chart again.

Delete ()

Removes the chart from the Dashboard.

Chart properties

Property is modified in the bottom panel, press (tick) to confirm that it has been modified, and  then click on the top (tick) to apply. The property of each tab is as follows.




Default Value


Chart Title

Chart Title

Chart Title

Chart Width (0: Full Size)


Currently, there is no meaning except 0


Chart Height (0: Full Size)


Currently 0 is calculated as 300

Action On Click

Actions when clicking on the chart node
- No Action 
- Shows Raw data chart 
- Shows Raw data table

No Action

Show Raw data chart means the chart corresponding to the time range of the clicked node.


Whether to zoom when dragging Chart

Drill down

Whether to drill down when zooming

Start with Zoom

When you drawing chart, start in Zoom mode.


Since Auto Refresh does not work in Zoom state, this function should be turned off to use Auto Refresh.

NormalizeWhether use normalize at chartN
Raw data time rangeBasic time range in Raw Data Chart5000
The value must be written in millisecond (ms) units.


Changes the tag to use and the aggregation method. 

PropertyDescriptionDefault ValueRemarks
Calc. modeThe way to Tag DataAverage
Tag NamesName of tag

It becomes one series when you type multiple tags with ",".

If there are several tags corresponding to the time zone, 
the value of the earliest tag is selected in alphabetical order.
Alias ​​used in charts instead of Tag Names

Tag Name if blank

Weight by tag when using Normalize
1Value must be between 0 and 1.




Default Value



Sets the time interval on the X axis. If not specified, it is automatically calculated according to the time range and screen size.

Supports h, m, and s

Show tick line (X-axis)
Shows the grid corresponding to the X-axis scale (vertical line).
Pixels between tick marks

Sets the pixel between the X axis scale.

Start at zero (Y-axis)Y-axis start with 0.N
Show tick line (Y-axis)Shows the grid corresponding to the Y-axis scale (horizontal line).Y
Custom scale

Sets the range of scale on the Y axis. If not specified, it is specified automatically using minimum value and maximum value.

Custom scale for drill down chart

Sets the scale of the Y scale of the drill down chart . If not specified, it is specified automatically using minimum value and maximum value.

Set additional Y-axis.Use additional Y-axis.N
Position of Y-axisSet where additional Y-axis draw.Right
Select tags for Y-axis 2
Select the data to use the added Y axis.
Select items from registered in the 'Data' tab.




Default Value


Show data points

Displays the point on the chart's node.

Point radius

The radius of the displayed point (pixel) in the above case


Displays legend.

Opacity of fill area

Sets the transparency of the fill area of ​​the graph.


0: transparent, 1: opaque

Line thickness

Sets the leading edge of the line chart.


0: no line

Border color

Sets the border color of the chart. If not input, it is set to Background Color.

Enter "#" when changing and input "none" when changing to input space.

Time Range

Enters the Time Range and Refresh period that apply only to this chart. When these values ​​are set, the chart will only work with this value, regardless of the Dashboard settings.