Edge Edition


The Edge Edition refers to the Machbase line of products that operate at high speeds on small devices with limited resources.
Since late 2010, Edge equipment with a certain amount of computing power has been released, and various businesses are being developed through the Edge equipment in the field of Industrial IoT.
It is common to monitor the state of the production equipment in a specific environment, store data generated in a robot or place where a large amount of sensing is required, and transmit the data to the parent server when necessary. 
However, in order to operate smoothly on these small-scale Edge devices, the key is to store data at high speed and extract data in real time.
Machbase enables this requirement through its innovative technology and supports the following hardware.

Supported Hardware Examples

Rasberry PI 3

Samsung ARTIK 7


nvidia Jetson TX2


CPUARM Cortex-A53 (64bit)ARM Cortex-A53 (64bit)Intel ATOM (x5-Z8350)ARM Coretx-A57 (64bit)

Funtional Limitations

It has the following functional limitations as it has to operate on a small-scale equipment with limited resources.
- No rollup
- No backup
- No mount/restore